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  • It's Time 2 Celebrate U!

    Toast2U is a monthly encouragement and accountability party for women of all ages. Each month we gather to practice intentional celebration in a fun, supportive and safe environment.This event supports us as we learn to celebrate our personal victories  and set new intentions for the coming month.


    As women, we spend a tremendous amount of time setting goals, working hard and stretching ourselves to meet our highest calling. But how often do you take time to celebrate your successes? Your accomplishments? Your victories? You've come a long way, honey, and you deserve a toast for all you've done and all you're working to do!

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    Toast2U now in Ferndale!

    Toast2U partnered with the SheHive to host an all new series of celebrations in Ferndale.

    Heart of the City Feature

    Check out this conversation with Toast2U  founder, Brandi Keeler, and Heart of the City interviewer, Mitch Albom.

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    Toast2U featured in Nasty Voices

    I was blessed with the chance to speak with Lexus Killingsworth about the ways Toast2U is empowering women.

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    Toast2U in the news

    Did you miss Toast2U's Live in the D feature on Local 4 Detroit? If so, click below to see how we're celebrating celebration in Detroit!

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    Intentional Celebration for Healing

    June 2016, Toast2U taught AMC attendees how celebration can be used for healing by hosting TWO amazing Toasts in the Healing Justice Practice Space!

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    Women of All Ages and Stages

    Toast2U is open to women of varying professions, backgrounds and life stages. We provide non-alcohol toasting options so that women and girls of all ages can participate.

  • How It Works

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    Arrive and Munch

    When you arrive to the toast, feel free to get comfortable. Mingle. Eat a few snacks (or a lot). And enjoy the view!

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    Expandfully Session

    Before each toast, We have a group coaching session to get us thinking about our larger scale goals, visions, strengths and aspirations.

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    Pop The Bottles!

    This is the point where we TOAST2U! You get the floor to announce your biggest accomplishment for the past month. This is not a time to be modest, we came here to CELEBRATE!

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    Set New Intentions

    Toast2U isn't only a celebration it's also a giant gathering of accountability sisters. To end the toast each woman gets a chance to announce her intention for the coming month. This is an action she hopes to take or goal she hopes to celebrate by the next toast.

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    Hugs and Goodbyes

  • A Dream Come True

    So how did Toast2U start?

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    Hello, my name is Brandi Keeler

    and my friends know me to be an avid visionboarder (made a new word there) and I am frequently daydreaming about the future. One thing I always daydreamed about in particular was gathering my amazing group of friends in a beautiful room to toast to some huge success of mine. I pasted these images and words about my "dream celebration" all over my desk and closet as a reminder to myself that one day I'd be able to enjoy all of the fruits of my labor.

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    That day seemed so far away until I stumbled upon this article. Reading about accomplishment salons helped me to realize a few things:

    1. Celebration doesn't just happen. If I wanted to be in a room of amazing people toasting, then I needed to MAKE time for celebration (not just dream about it)
    2. I am constantly surrounded by a group of powerful inspiring women who deserve to be celebrated as well 
    3. I hadn't been spending enough time with the people who motivate me the most

    When I finished reading the article I shared it with a friend, chose a date, asked my grandmother to use her apartment, invited a small group of amazing ladies and the first TOAST2U happened!

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    I was in tears when I got home from the first toast. I felt so proud and joyous for all the AMAZING things these ladies had accomplished. Moreover I felt blessed to have this dream come true. What I didn't realize was that I'd find so much more joy in celebrating the successes of others than in celebrating my own success. The motivation and inspiration I received from that one toast sustained me through the rest of the month. And now I'm ready to share this blessing with even more amazing women. Thanks for joining. I'm looking forward to toasting to you soon!

  • Toasts 2 Date

    Here are the themes of our past Toast2U events!

    July 2015


    August 2015

    Life Aspirations

    September 2015


    October 2015

    Fear & Courage

    December 2015

    Gratitude, Life Lessons & Obsession

    January 2016

    New Year, New You

    February 2016

    Self Love

    March/April 2016

    Strong Women

    May 2016

    Mid-Year Accomplishments

    June 2016

    Freedom +

    Allied Media Conference

    July 2016


    August 2016


    September 2016

    Self Care

    October 2016

    Inner Light

    November 2016


    New Years Eve 2016

    2016 Review + 2017 Preview

    February 2017


    March 2017


    April 2017

    Quarterly Life Review

    May 2017

    Empowerment Pinata

    June 2017

    Stress Management

    July 2017

    Kickin' Back & Laughing

    Aug 2017


    Sept 2017

    Personal Truth

    Oct 2017

    Accomplishment Bingo

  • Let's Talk!

    Want to learn more about Toast2U or interested in hosting your own? Share your info here and we'll get back to you soon!

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